My mission is to capture and create emotive, elegant and honest imagery that tells the story of the wedding day, the people who attended and supported the bride and groom, who loved them and shared in their joy, the details that created the mood and ambiance for the day. I focus on film photography because of it’s luminous qualities, but also because of it’s tangibility, how each image looks better printed. I share that with my clients in the form of giving them prints as part of each wedding package and offering beautiful albums as an add on. For me, this is not just a marketing tool. It’s part of who I am. I grew up knowing my mom’s parents only by the prints I flipped through. Memorizing their faces and the people they were pictured with because I had no other way to build a relationship with them. My other grandparents passed away before I turned 18, so the pictures I have of them are the only way I can preserve their memories. All of our family vacations have been photographed by my dad on his 35 mm Pentax, and all of those pictures are printed in tubs that my sister and I frequently sift through. Pictures are the way we preserve memories, and that is my goal, to give each of my couples a gallery of printed memories that they can cherish and pass down through generations.



Sarah Carpenter specializes in destination weddings and portraits around the globe. For over a decade, Sarah split her focus between the arts and sciences, training in ballet, violin, and piano and studying with the goal of becoming a doctor. Sarah received a Bachelors of Science in Nutritional Sciences from Texas A&M University and uses her knowledge from these aspects of her life to create stunning, emotive images that combine precision, technical skills, and graceful artistry. Sarah is always warm and respectful towards her clients and strives to always capture the innate beauty in each of them. Her work is known for it’s luminosity, focus on the tender moments, and use of movement as a story telling element.



Ben Carpenter is a lead photographer at Sarah Carpenter Photography and has been working with Sarah since the beginning. He is also a hardware engineer at Microsoft with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Texas A& M University.


Working Together

From the beginning, Ben and I have worked together as a photography team. Having almost 15 years of experience working together on projects and learning to communicate in our relationship and now as parents, we are able to move around each other and understand the needs of the other person almost as if it’s a choreographed dance. We grew our love of photography together during our first year of marriage, finding ourselves enamored with the way it can freeze intimate and beautiful moments and continue to find joy in joining in the celebration of our couples around the globe. Ben’s engineering background brings technical creativity, problem solving strategy, and ability to balance Sarah’s wistful romance to Sarah Carpenter Photography. In our free time, we enjoy finding inspiration in our travels, spending time with our daughter, Sofie, cooking and baking together and having a good discussion over a compelling movie or television show.





Sarah’s work has been featured in blogs and print publications such as Martha Stewart Weddings, BRIDES, Style Me Pretty, Wedding Sparrow, Magnolia Rouge, Once Wed, Belle Lumiere Magazine, Confetti, and more. She was named one of “9 Awesome Seattle Wedding Photographers” by Magnolia Rouge.


True artist Sarah Carpenter creates beauty in the most artistic way. Her ability to capture movement and soul captivates us...

— Wedding Sparrow

“These are truly too good for words”

These are truly too good for words... Just went through the entire album and I am ECSTATIC! I cannot even begin to thank you both for everything. All Georgie and I have said since the day was that we wish we could relive it and now we can. Thank you Sarah! These photos are absolutely stunning, I cannot even deal with how perfectly you captured both of us and our crazy families.
— Abigail & George
“Couldn’t be happier”

My husband Jay and I couldn’t be happier with the gorgeous photos Sarah took at our plantation wedding last year! She captured our joy and love so effortlessly, and truly helped us make the most of our special day. The portraits were beautifully presented, the touch-ups were top notch, and it was all delivered quickly so we could share it all again with our loved ones!

— Gail & Jay
“She has an eye unlike any photographer I have ever seen”

She was thoughtful, sweet, incredibly talented, and always made me feel prepared... she has an eye unlike any photographer I have ever seen. Her work is romantic, natural, and candid. I love the way she captured movement throughout our engagement session and of course throughout the entire day of our wedding... I am obsessed with the way her work has a timeless feel and the way her photos portray such beautiful stories.
— Mallory & Spencer
“Went above & beyond to make our experience enjoyable”

Sarah is more than just a photographer, she creates an amazing experience on top of taking the most beautiful images! My husband and I happen to be in Paris while she was there and decided to get our pictures taken by her. Sarah went above and beyond to make our experience enjoyable. We felt comfortable the whole time all while laughing and getting the most epic images! I would hire her again in a heartbeat! My husband and I were beyond happy with our pictures and will remember our trip forever thanks to Sarah!
— Jen & Sean
OMG thank you so much for these gorgeous amazing photos!! We got the email yesterday while traveling and have just had the chance to start looking at them, your turn around was so much quicker than expected which is amazing we were so pleasantly surprised!!! Thank you so so, so much for capturing truly the best day of our lives!!
— Whitney & David